Rick Gaitskell photoRichard Gaitskell

Center Director, Hazard Professor of Physics

Email  /  401-863-9783

Professor Gaitskell leads a research team hunting for direct evidence of particle dark matter. His group is working on an experiment, LUX, that has the world’s most sensitive dark matter detector located in the underground laboratories in the Sanford Lab, South Dakota.

Stephon Alexander PhotoStephon Alexander

Professor of Physics

Email  /  401-863-6803

Professor Alexander is a theoretical physicist specializing in the interface between cosmology, particle physics, and quantum gravity (String Theory and Loop Quantum Gravity).


David Cutts photoDavid Cutts

Professor of Physics

Email  /  401-863-2422

Professor Cutts is an experimental physicist specializing in elementary particle physics. His research develops high energy techniques including computer-related systems for particle physics.


Ian Dell'Antonio photoIan Dell’Antonio

Professor of Physics

Email  /  401-863-1154

Professor Dell’Antonio’s research centers on observational cosmology, the experimental measurement of the fundamental properties of the universe.



JiJi Fan photoJiJi Fan

Assistant Professor of Physics

Email  /  401-863-2623

Professor Fan works on particle theories, particularly beyond Standard Model theories such as Higgs phenomenology, supersymmetry, dark matter models and signatures.



Ulrich Heintz

Professor of Physics

Email  /  401-863-6817

Professor Heintz is an experimental physicist studying the fundamental building blocks of matter. His interest is in testing the validity of the standard model of elementary particle physics at very high energies.


Savvas Koushiappas photoSavvas Koushiappas

Associate Professor of Physics
Director of Graduate Studies

Email  /  401-863-6816

Professor Koushiappas’ theoretical work is in the interface between cosmology and particle physics. His work is predominantly in the area of dark matter physics and the search for the nature of the dark matter particle from an experimentally-motivated theoretical perspective.


Greg Landsberg

Thomas J Watson, Sr. Professor of Physics 

Email  /  401-863-1464

Professor Landsberg’s experimental research is in broad areas of beyond the standard model and Higgs physics, including exotic Higgs boson decays, searches for dark matter, supersymmetry, exotic particles, extra spatial dimensions, and black holes.


Jonathan Pober

Assistant Professor of Physics

Email  /  401-863-1301

Professor Pober is an experimental astrophysicist. His research focuses on the history of the universe through observations of neutral hydrogen on cosmic scales. He develops ultrasensitive radio telescopes for his astronomical observation.

Greg Tucker PhotoGreg Tucker

Professor of Physics

Email  /  401-863-1441

Professor Tucker is an experimental astrophysicist. His cosmology group studies the universe by measuring the cosmic microwave background (CMB) and by intensity mapping of neutral hydrogen. He is also interested in measuring the characteristics of exoplanets.