About the CFPU

The Center for the Fundamental Physics of the Universe (CFPU) at Brown brings together researchers engaged in experimental and theoretical work aimed at answering some of the major fundamental questions about the physics of the Universe.

The roster includes faculty from various sub-disciplines: four from Astrophysics and Cosmology Experimental work (Dell’Antonio, Gaitskell, Pober, Tucker), three pursuing Astrophysics and Cosmology Theory and Phenomenology (Alexander, Fan, Koushiappas) and three High Energy Experimentalists (Cutts, Heintz, Landsberg). We also work in conjunction with physics faculty engaged in Condensed Matter research, as well as collaborators in Planetary Science and Computer Science.

One of our major goals is to identify and develop new cross-disciplinary techniques for future experimental searches to better understand dark matter and dark energy. We are encouraging full exploitation of the breadth and depth of the expertise at Brown to develop new experimental techniques, as well as new interpretations of the implications of current experimental data.

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